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    flywheel shaft end play

    Just replaced 2004 Virage i Fitch - flywheel, broken magnet,magnet messed up stator finally have spark and runs sweet!Question - when tightened flywheel grabbed front there was a little play up and down and left and right not front and back.It all moved as a unit shaft to flywheel.Is a little play normal or should it be solid?Machine has been a money pit just a little Gunshy.

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    Thats not good. Probably a bad crank bearing. Thats the only thing that would allow the whole thing to move around like that

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    That could be what happened to the old stator & flywheel. If the flywheel hits the new stator you might wipe out your new parts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fixer View Post
    That could be what happened to the old stator & flywheel...
    If the crankshaft is able to move up-down and left-right just with hand pressure it sure isn't going to be staying in place when the pistons are pounding it up and down!

    I would not run that engine at all until it is torn down and the crank and bearings are inspected. It is possible that the looseness has allowed the crankshaft to become out of true. Only a crank rebuilder is going to be able to check the crank with the necessary level of precision.

    If it was my own engine I suspect I would end up having the crankshaft rebuilt with all new bearings so I could be confident it was going to stay together for many running hours.

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    Removed Fitch 777 motor went well.I need a list of parts to replace a rebuilt crank is that available?Seals, gaskets kit.Whatever will help and I should buy.When pistons are pulled out if the walls look good can I reuse the rings or should they be replaced?

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