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    GP800 leaking oil into hull

    Have a 2000 GP800 that slowly leaks oil into the hull during rides. I believe I've identified where the leak is coming from but I don't know what is missing from the connection. The line that comes from the oil reservoir to feed into the carbs has a "T" connection in the middle of it with the left part of the "T" open and it appears that oil can drip out. It also has a zip tie on it which leads me to believe that something fell off. Could it be a check/breather valve? I've checked a few diagrams associated with this setup and it doesn't show anything connecting to the open part of the "T" connector. I'm hesitant to search for a check valve of some sort to try out, b/c it may have a negative impact on the fuel/oil injection system. If it is a check valve, where should be the first place to look for one? Any help is appreciated.
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    Just went out and looked at my XLT, the 'T' on mine up by the oil tank runs up to the oil gauge in the display and the other side goes down to the oil pump like in your pics. Do you happen to see a oil line that is just hanging down from the roof, or a place in the roof where a tube looks like it should be hooked up? It would be pretty close to where the oil gauge is on your dashboard, only inside the cabin.

    That's all I got...

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    I also noticed oil in the hull of my '08 gp1300r. It was coming from my check valve. The check valve on my fuel injected gp is located under the right ferring, at the top. When the oil comes out the check valve it drains back down the hose to where the hose turns, dripping from that location into the bottom of the hull.
    Having said that, BE SURE to check all of yr oil lines. These early models were prone to hv the oil lines come off which spells engine disaster. Obviously that hasn't happened yet or you would hv known. But could possibility hv one that's on the way???

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    Premix would eliminate a lot of the oil line issues and give you a huge piece of mind. Not too bad to do quickly if using a mixer like Ratio Rite or similar. Some people prefer the pump, def keep check on them and use metal clamps, not the zip ties.

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