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    2005 FX1000D-Seems Locked Up

    Hello everyone...newbie here.

    Got this 2005 FX1000D from my daughter to fix up. It has about 115 hours on it. Now the problem. Engine will not turn, just clicks. Replaced the starter solenoid and no joy. Tried to turn it at the coupler between the engine and drive and would not turn. Removed the spark plugs...still will not move. Any ideas to trouble shoot? I'm thinking engine pull and at the very least a head rebuild.Thanks

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    have you check the wear ring and the prop? take a look at it make sure its free. any water or metal on the plugs? also any milky color on the oil?

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    Thanks mikegp...the jet side of the coupler will move as the CV joint is flexed. the engine side will not budge. The plugs were clean and the oil in the tank is clean. I'm stumped!

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    wow , its definitely the engine.have you try a big pipe wrench on the coupler? just to see if will get free up.also just dump a little wd40 through the spark plug hole .
    how long has been seating
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    Sounds like someone ran it without oil (or low on oil), fried the mains and the crank seized.

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    Thanks guys...guess I need to re-evaluate this situation.

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    When i bought my 06 it would not turn. After many attempts the engine finally turned. It turned out to be that the ski sat for over a year without being winterized so all the metals tighten up. Ask your daughter how long did the ski sit and did anything ever happen that the ski stopped working.

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