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    have problems after rebuilt 98 gti 717

    98 gti with a 717 engine

    I just had my Engine and carb rebuilt including changing out all fuel and oil lines. I also had a new manifold put on. Right now I am in the break in stage running 50:1 premixed along with what ever the injection system puts out. I have about 4 hours on the new engine

    I noticed a vibration that I didnt get from my last engine

    All the bolts are backing out of my tune pipe / manifold connection and then i get a hull full of water.

    if I squeeze the throttle it bogs down but it I give it a little throttle and then punch it it takes off normal

    top speed is 42mphs. My last engine I got 47 out of it. I opened it up for a few seconds to see what it does. I have been following the SBT break in procedure

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    i think I have the vibration problem solved. one of the motor mounts was loose

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    Double check rotary timing also. And make sure exhaust chamber mounting rubbers are in good shape. If those are damaged or missing it will vibrate the bolts out and even break an exhaust manifold.

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