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    Can I clean the in side of the intercooler were the air goes through

    Hear is my home made tester. And it worked great. So I now have a back up intercooler for my 2008 rxp-x 255. The seadoo guy said I needed a new one so I took his word. He said it was leaking so I said ok. Today I said to myself, test it to see and as I thought he didn't even test it. So don't Listen to any one but your self. Or you will pay for it. Anyway I clean the water passage. And put air in the bigger part to get some of the oily water but was wondering if I can put dish soap and water in there and clean the screen better.

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    Gasoline works good. Got to let it dry thoroughly afterwards, of course.

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    Great. I was hoping I could. If one of the hoses on the intercooler to the supercharger or throttle body was squat abet from the coolent bottle would this make power or rpm lost

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