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    Carb Screws Stuck HELP!

    Hey everyone, I posted a couple of weeks ago asking about my 2000 Yamaha XL700. Well I went to rebuild the carbs and basically only got half of each carb done. One of the screws on each carb felt impossible to remove and I started to strip them so I just gave up. I was able to rebuild the diaphragm side on one carb and the gasket side on the other carb.

    First of all does anyone have any tricks to getting these screws loose?

    Also, I am scared of stripping them and was trying to find new ones but the does not have them available (#21 and 38 Can I get these anywhere else or are they generic screws that I can find at a hardware store? Thanks for all of the help!

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    Ace Hardware should have some, just bring one of them in with you. Get ones with a hex head, they are harder to strip out. I ended up using a small handle socket wrench with a Phillips bit so I could get more torque on it. You can pick up a set of the bits at ace as well with different sizes to find the one with the tightest fit. Also using pb blaster or some heat can also help. I used a soldering iron for heat, too scared to try a torch.

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    Impact driver

    Hold the carb with your feet, line it up and WHACK it with a rubber mallet.

    -most auto parts stores have them under $20.

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    I use my Makita 18 volt impact driver. Just use a light touch on the trigger. The first bang from the impact breaks them loose every time. The hell with those stupid hand impact drivers.

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    Maybe not the best option, but try vice grips around the head of the screw. Likely have to replace it for sure after that.

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    thanks for all of the suggestions, just ordered the hand impact driver that was linked by steach! Ill resort to the vice grips if necessary. Thanks again for all of the help!

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    I have all the carb screws in stock if you need

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