Hey guys,

Bought my first ski last summer but haven't really gotten it to run right since. I have a 00 gsx rfi with about 150 hrs very clean. Owner said it ran great but I haven't had much luck. Already replaced the start/stop button which was a pain. So here are the problems I am having now:

1) Running strong only until half throttle. When I kick it anywhere past about have throttle it struggles and is sluggish. The motor sputters a little, rpm won't increase and everything. Took injector rail off cleaned injectors, they look really clean and also added fuel injector cleaner. Added the fuel stabilizer, filled tank its been out idling for a bit and still nothing. Anything I should check? It might be just electronic problem, maybe throttle.

2) Took it out this weekend and tried the changes (injector cleaner and fuel stabilizer) and ran it for a while at under quarter throttle once I found out motor was running rough. Unfortunately I sucked up a rock...... took jet pump off and looked at impeller. It didnt look bad but what do I know. I took some of the burrs off. Is this ok or do I need a new impeller?
Side note when I took the pump off I emptied the jet pump oil. Do I need to replace the o-ring and if so what is the re lock tite stuff I need?
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3) It start right up right at the dock but I noticed the longer I run it if I stop, it takes a few more cranks each time to start up.. like 3-5 seconds and then turns over. On more than one occasion it was start very very weak and then kick off.. Does this relate back to my first issue or a new problem.