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    Do you think lack of parts causes lack of interest?

    Hey guys and gals,

    I have a bad habit of picking up broken PWC's and fixing them to ride and/or sell, 2 happen to be polaris powered and I seem to see a lot of them selling cheap even running. I got both of them broken and now feel I may have them forever. Just checking what kind of prices you guys are getting for polaris skis you have sold or if you think the market for them is pretty bad due to lack of new parts (tons used on ebay). I have a sun n sea rio jet boat and a virage TXI that are both in good shape but haven't really gotten any interest in the boat (other jet boats seem to not be selling either) and haven't tried to sell the virage yet... hope it has more interest. Let me know what you guys think are normal prices for polaris model ranges in various conditions I guess if you have bought or sold any recently.


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    I think the market for PWCs in general is still slow. I just got back from the Laughlin area of the Colorado River & there was hardly anyone on the river compared to years ago.

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    There are plenty of parts out there. Lots still available new.

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    I have also seen a lack of people out on the lakes, but here it is because the lakes are low still, but PWCs are the only thing that can even get on a lot of them so I expected to see a lot of them out and about. Thanks for the responses, just trying to figure out the market a little and see if all of these cheap skis are something I should be interested in or not, I think I have enough at home for now to ride and repair that I should keep myself broke enough.

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    Just following this thread. I have a 2001 Sun N Sea Rio (jet boat) that I purchased brand new... Knock on wood, she's in good shape and I'm looking for information as I go in case I need to make any repairs.

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