We’ve grappled with the amalgam of “luxury” and “performance.” Too often these terms get thrown around a little too loosely in our industry, and often at the hands of the OEMs themselves. What exactly makes a personal watercraft a “performance” craft is usually pretty easy to define, while a true “luxury” PWC is as difficult as nailing Jell-O to the wall.

Thankfully, Yamaha Motor Corp. doesn’t pigeon-hole their various models by such limitations.

For the brand’s full-sized runabout class – the FX – there are three variations of performance; the HO, SHO and SVHO. Of course, the Super Vortex High Output package constitutes much more than Yamaha’s all-new for 2014 SVHO engine, which takes the Super High Output (SHO) engine and radically increases the overall efficiency by 110-percent.
The SHO’s cast pistons have been replaced with 8.5:1 compression forged pistons. Likewise, the SHO’s 42-pound injectors have been swapped for larger 60-pound squirters, and a larger intercooler is* 22-percent more efficient over the prior unit. Lastly, a larger, 86mm HKS supercharger spools up to an impressive 60-percent more boost thanks to a new 6-vein impeller.

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