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    "Maintenance Required" MSG after flipping Spark Maptun Doesn't Read Code?

    After my son flipped over my Spark, the "Maintenace Required" message pops up, I connected my Maptun tool and clicked on "Read Error Codes" it says "No Error Codes" am I doing something wrong?

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    check mine sometimes had one code once cleared it none since a good thing

    maybe code should read don't flip offer

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    water in plug loom

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    Quote Originally Posted by GasResearch-VT.SE View Post
    water in plug loom
    Wow.. Is it because it's wet? Am I doing it right? Plugged in the Maptun tool, go to read codes, plug in key, press start button on ski, than Maptun states "reading codes... No codes"

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    Did you clear the warning??

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