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Thread: My spark

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    My spark

    Ok my spark currently has 50 hrs on it I'm having some problems with it
    what keeps happening is let's say when I first turn it on and go it has power after about 2 min of riding it looses complete power like if I was in limp mode let's say I have it full throttle it will hesitate to go and hold itself back and try to go like if the intake grate was clogged but it isent i currently have on it a stainless steel wear ring , riva waterbox , riva freeflow and I also removed the flame aresstor I have no clue on what could keep happening but the wierd thing is if I unplug the main connector it runs perfect for about 5 min again and so fourth if anyone has any idea on what it could be

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    Is it throwing an error? Maybe something with the throttle or throttle body?

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    The thing is I don't have a scanner /:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haroldspark View Post
    The thing is I don't have a scanner /:
    Does the check engine light come on?

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    Hasn't came on yet that's another problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haroldspark View Post
    Hasn't came on yet that's another problem
    That's why I'd venture to say it's a physical problem maybe with the throttle

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    take apart the wire connector from the deck to loom apart and check for water and corrosion then give a good clean and some wd40 and see then

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