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    Can i run without this?

    I am putting my pump back on and i noticed that this seal is ripped. The part number is 92093- 3739. It goes on the impeller end of the shaft. This is probably a dumb question, but can i run without that seal?

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    The rubber nose cone on the prop? You can ride with out it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike H View Post
    The rubber nose cone on the prop? You can ride with out it.
    Its on the spline side of the impeller. It goes on the main shaft coming from the engine where the impeller connects to it.

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    You can run without it, but I wouldn't, it can cause some cavation & a slight speed loss, it also depends on the particular ski you have, some skis you won't notice the difference.

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    They all seem to tear at some point just replace it next time you have the pump out.

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