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    Help- Seadoo Speedster 2008 Surge and Stalls

    Hello All,

    Need your help. I own a 2008 Seadoo Speedster 150 (155hp). Here is the story and my problem.:
    Last year the boat was running great, then the battery broke out of its mount. It slid down and was arcing against the side of the motor. This caused a lot of problems. The boat stalled out, then wouldn't start. I don't have a dealer so bought a code for buds system online which has now expired and used by a local skidoo guy who has the BUDs system. The error code was P0600 which recommended I replace the computer MPEM, wiring harness ect. So here is what I have done. .

    Replaced Battery
    Replaced (Labeled A) Wiring Harness (This included the entire relay and fuse system)
    Replaced MPEM
    Replaced Fuel
    Replaced Fuel Filter
    Checked Ground and Tightened all Ground Screws
    Changed Oil
    Changed Spark Plugs (then upgraded to Iridium Tip)
    Ran SeaFoam through the Engine
    Checked Spark Plug cables for proper Ohms (All 3 are showing within normal limits)
    Called BRP- Won't help unless I had a dealer code (Still kinda pissed at them)
    Prayed lol

    It is not possible for me to bring this to a dealer. I live in the Arctic which means Edmonton AB. would be the closest BRP Watercraft Cert. dealer. It would cost about $6000 to get the boat there and back so not an option. I hope there are some techs that can help or recommend what to do.

    The engine usually starts but sometime takes a few times. When its running it runs good for the first few min but once its warm, it starts to surge. After about 5min the engine is nice and warm and it surges around the 6500 RPM mark at full throttle, which surges to 7500 RPM then stalls out. If I back off the throttle it stalls immediately. I have paddled home twice now, and although I'm in great shape (now) 2hrs of paddling sucks.

    Any suggestions?

    Attached is a 35sec Youtube Video I made with what its doing yesterday.

    Thank you for your help.


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    Just making a guess here.........TPS is bad- Throttle position sensor? Maybe someone might have a better idea.

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