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    09 fzr vs 05 r12x

    well i finally got to try my fzr this weekend, only mods ive done so far before even trying it out lol are r&d intake grate and ribbon delete. Im really happy with it, but i think its going to take time for me to like it as mutch as i loved my r12x. im on a very small lake, not mutch waves , often im alone on the lake so i have to make my own get the picture. The r12x i had had a macboost chip, macboost intercooler, macboost 5 degree pump wedge and a solas prop i had impros do to a tighter fit in the pump. it would run 66mph constant gps. find the r12x would jump alot more easely in the small waves, turn alot tighter, so all around more nimble. I had my trim at max trim on the fzr and started to have fun when the fuel tank was about 2/3 empty lol. Yes its faster everywhere than the r12 but not by mutch im pretty confident with the small mods i have at the moment. I also feel the stock prop cavitates more than my r12x did, and even the r12 cavitated alot, i was sure the yammi would be better than the honda for that. I really dont care about top speed, 70mph is plenty for where i ride, its more about accelration , cavitation and easier jumping id like to improve the ski. im going to get the riva or r&d intake oredered tonight. i dont want to do the exhaust, neighbors on the lake will not like it lol. any suggestions? upgrade the wheel and reflash for more accell with prop upgrade? dont get me wrong im not bashing the fzr i really like it and the honda was getting old, im not going back there, i really want to keep and improve my fzr!

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    mmm i didnt order the intake yet from jerrys store because id like to know witch one you guys reccomend, the r&d or the riva one? and if im going to get more parts id order them at the same time, any suggestions guys? thanks alot!!

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    You have a lot more power than the Honda r12x you need to remove ribbon from intake, make you own or buy a Riva intake, and use Tommy Jordan method exhaust free flowing and not to loud.......then do a Reflash ECU and a boost wheel then. GET GRATE FIRST. Then you can also experiment with ride plates props and nozzles

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    those hondas are nice boats but i think once you start modifying your ski more you will realize its an entirely different sneeze at these skis and they break 80mph

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    joeydfzs, i have doen the r&d grate and ribbon dlete last week already i will get the riva intake. exhaust, i know im loosing if i dont do it, but id rather not, neighbors on my lake really wont like it lol. What reflash and wheel do you reccomend? will i have to change prop?

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    You can get a R&D or a Vtech Reflash......and boost wheels its all in what you want to spend on supporting mods and how fast you want to go

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