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    Angry 1996 1100 ZXI spark issues

    Hello there. Ive replaced a motor in an 1100 zxi. I discovered i was only getting spark on the first two cylinders so i replaced the igniter box as my coils all ohm'd out correctly. the ski would still run 50 mph only on those two cylinders. It just had problems bogging down (duh). Now I've replaced the igniter box, and have spark on all 3 cylinders, it wont start. At all. Primed it, did all the tricks, and still nothing. HELP????

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    You have spark on all three cylinders and you've primed it and it won't fire, or it fires and won't stay running?

    How did you prime it? Do you have a primer that squirts fuel into the carbs or do you have a bulb in the fuel hose?

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