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Thread: 2013 rxt help!!

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    2013 rxt help!!

    hey guys need some advice so after a full day of riding my rxt260 i have just hit 11hrs have not been abusing it at all on my ride in my ski started running rough and would rev but not go past 6mph i shut it off and on a bunch of times and it went back to normal this is the second time this happened that day any idea what that can sound like ??

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    Did you suck something up does it vibrate badly?

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    i don't think so it does vibrate bad but y would it come and go if i sucked something up?

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    Sounds like something got sucked up in there. Time to do the crawl under and have a look-see with a flashlight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dooit260 View Post
    i don't think so it does vibrate bad but y would it come and go if i sucked something up?
    If you have debris on the prop it is constant. (exactly as you described)

    If you have it on a trailer get under and look in the intake grate. Either way, you'll want to move the iBR bucket out of the way;
    iBR override:
    tap starter button
    install key
    mode button to settings/iBR ovr (using up down set.)

    Where in NY are you?

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    thanks for the help ill let you know how it works our i am in brooklyn,ny you?

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