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    2006 Seadoo Challenger 180

    I looking at a local seadoo challenger 180 with the 215SC, 109 hours, and am wondering if there is anything you can tell me to look so I would not be buying a time bomb. I know about the ceramic washer problem, but is there a way to check to see if they have failed without removing the SC?? I mean Im pretty sure the guy is going to be quite weary about me asking to remove the SC off the motor. I heard someone say something about being able to spin it by hand. I went and looked at it yesterday and it is extremely clean and looked well taken care off.

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    Well I went and looked at it, and I could not spin the supercharger freely with my fingers . So after the test drive, I hooked it up to my truck and bought it. First thing I am going to do is send the supercharger off to Jerry to have it rebuilt, which I see I have to use an E8 Torx socket to remove it. Will have to go buy that, but I noticed that you have to replace the oetiker clamps when removing the supercharger. Some people on the forum says to just use a good T-bolt clamp that way you can remove it whenever you need and not have to buy an new clamp every time. Does anyone know which size clamps would I need to replace the oetiker clamps on the SC? Would it be 3" just like the air intake tubes??

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