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    SHO FZS 2012 Oil dip stick tube Bolt 95024-06012-00

    Anyone have the exact size and measurements for the bolt securing the oil dip stick tube (or if same one is used somewhere else) and perhaps some good tip how to easy put it back.

    Bolt 95023-06012-00 95024-06012-00

    Part no 35 /

    Also if someone could confirm that K&N HP-1002 will fit a SHO FZS 2012 without any upcoming oil leaks.


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    Use factory Yamaha oil filter

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    Thanks JoeyDFZS. Will change back to factory then.

    Anyone know how the bolt looks like? As I have put my in a good place (togheter with several other bolts) and I would really need to know what to look for, since my dealer donīt have these in stock, buying a new one is not the best or fastest option at the moment..

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    Bolt 6mm X 12 MM long

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    Great. Thank you 2fast4u.

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