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    How to reduce splash on a 2013 VXR???

    i understand when you are on a pwc you get wet. i am just trying to find a way to reduce some of the little annoying spray that you get while riding in a straight line. anyone have any suggestions? i just picked it up and it is bone stock. thanks.

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    When I'm getting splashed, I stand up and go faster

    I guess you could look around and see if someone sold a bow spray defector for that model. I've never tried one on this ski.

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    This ski is so bad. Water flys over the bow and splashes your face from both sides. This is the reason I'm still wearing a wet suit in June lol. A good pair of sunglasses or goggles will help keep spray out of your eyes at least.

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    Get in front of the other guy!!!

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    I know what you mean. If the ski has water on the front of it and you take off the water beads hits you in the face like a BB gun until it dries out. Occasionally I still get some spray at WOT even with no water on the ski.

    I just tough it out...

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    ive got the bow spray deflector on my vxs and stay dry as dry can well spent...dont recall who i got it from but it is good in color with flames on it,pretty sharp looking

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    i believe its riva...

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