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    Need help with info on carb rebuild...wave venture 700 62T with dual minuki carbs

    I have 4 wave ventures...two are running great. One blew a cylinder, replaced the head, pistons, rings etc. Runs and starts up but not sure the carbs are tuned right. The last one needs carbs rebuilt for sure. My question is what should I clean the carbs with?

    1) clean carbs with what (carb cleaner solution?)

    2) which kits to buy...minuki or aftermarket

    3) need real answers on stock settings for needle and seats , pop off springs...etc. Use stock settings? really want to get these skis going and cannot get in touch with my usual guy that works on them....

    Thanks in advance for the info guys and gals!!!!


    if any info me 9732774294

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    Lows set at 5/8 +/- 1/4. Mag high 5/8 +/-1/4. Pot high 1 1/8 +/- 1/4. As far as kits, buy genuine mikuni. I get the kits that sells. Spend the extra money and get a set of internal screws with the kits. They throw in the upgraded cap screws for the pump and diaphragm covers. As far as cleaner, I use evinrude Johnson engine tuner. It foams up great and really does a good job.
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    thanks, ordered from Watercraft superstore and they told me they were sending me genuine mikuni kits...NOPE got shitty sbt kits instead, so just sent them back. Hate being lied to by vendors...ordered them from another vendor so here by Tuesday...

    will clean carbs and check to make sure correct jets are in there. any jet changes for pre-mix?

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    75 jet changes for premix.

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    too many times we rebuild and run without actually fixing the reason it happened in the first place.
    2 strokes wont live without oil or fuel
    carbs and oil injection keeps these alive.
    internal air leaks cause lean conditions
    fix all these before you rebuild and run.

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