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    Correct kanaflex clamp for 4" air intake to supercharger/filter

    This is the correct clamp to use on the Kanaflex hose 620wd and not a normal worm ring clamp.
    The steel rings are spiral in a clockwise direction, the same as the wires in the Kanaflex hose.
    If you use a normal clamp, either the top or bottom of the clamp will be on the wire ring and you're clamping metal to metal. Some have had water issues when water got in hull and charger sucked it into the intake! I used this clamp on both the supercharger end and also where it attaches to the filter. Hard to find if you don't buy 100 or more. There was noticeable difference in performance over the normal clamps i used first. Found out about these from a turbo/supercharger shop that does 1k+ hp engines.
    You can buy them from Dan Central States Hose, Inc. 5199 East 48th Avenue Denver, CO. 80216 USA Phone: 1-877-467-3778 or 303-321-2661

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    That should work just fine.

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    The only problem with that clamp
    is that's steel
    and will rust up in no time flat...

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    how are the washers that come with the kit supposed to work then? there flat

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    I just took a razor blade and sliced the outer layer of the hose on the wire and cut the wire at about 2 or 3 winds down and then clamped it with a SS worm gear clamp, flat seal there. But that's not where the majority of the water gets sucked in, you need to put a bead of Right Stuff on the 4" adapter's lip that butts up to the SC neck then wipe off the excess that squeezes out in the throat.. If you haven't sealed your adapter go ahead and take a look at the water stains where it was getting sucked through..

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