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    04 Polaris MSX 150 turbo won't accelerate

    Hoping one of you Polaris gurus out there can help me! Working on a 2004 Polaris MSX 150 HO turbo watercraft. Machine starts and idles ok, but won't accelerate. There is resistance on throttle when you squeeze it, but rpms won't go over idle. Hi temp lite is on, and red warning light is on. There is no Polaris dealer near me, am hoping someone out there has had a similar problem and can point me in the right direction. Appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks.

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    Welcome to Green Hulk.

    Tell us more about your ski. Is it new to you? When did it last run properly? Was it ever rolled over? Did it ever overheat while in use?

    Sounds like you have tripped an overheat condition on the ski and the ECU (brain) is limiting your RPMs so you don't melt down the engine.

    Are you testing out this with the ski in the water? or on the trailer?

    I'm guessing you've shut off the ski and restarted... still getting the same issue (lights and rev limit)?

    How quickly does this overheat registers. Immediately upon startup... or after running a while?

    There is an exhaust turbo-manifold temperate "sensor" (switch)... on the rear side of the manifold... has a single wire push-on connector. This tells the ECU that the manifold is TOO HOT. You can unplug this wire to test if that "sensor" is bad. Restart the ski and if it no longer registers overheat... than that sensor is the likely culprit. OR there is some obstruction in the fresh water circuit that keeps the engine cool and it is in fact getting TOO HOT!

    Do investigate and test carefully. You don't want a bad overheat. You'll warp the head, or blow a headgasket or worse.

    Check the fresh water pickup spot in the jetpump nozzle... make sure the little screen that keeps the crude out is clear.


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    Hey, ripcuda, wanted to give you an update and a big THANK YOU!! I did what you suggested, first checked the freshwater pickup -- all clear, then unplugged the wire to the turbo manifold sensor switch and started it up -- no overheat, and revved up. I ordered a new thermostat switch, put it in, took it out, and back in business : 68 mph @ 7400 rpm.
    Thanks so much for your help and suggestions, saved me a LOT of time and headache.
    I really appreciate it, and am glad I found GreenHulk!
    Until next time....

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