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    Seadoo GTI se 155 Top Speed and mods

    I was interested in getting a GTI SE 155. Anyone know what the stock top speed is? Also is the a ecu flash for this and what increase will the flash get me?

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    Pretty sure about 58 tops.

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    I'm not sure if there is a flash or not but if there is expect very little from it. 155 is basically a tuned up 130 motor(I believe the cam is different to help get more HP along with the tune).

    Expect high 50's and that is about it.

    P.S.: If your worried about speed before you buy it you may want to reassess what you really want in a ski. What is your budget? Forum can then give you some ideals to get you more speed for the money.

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    Right at 60 mph I have one 2011 its a lot of fun you wont be disappointed

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    i have a 07 rxp 155 top speed 64.7 gps

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    mods riva intake grate wedge impeller ride plate hole filled opas block off modified waterbox ram air intake and tops 64.7

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