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    2007 GTX Wake Pro SC removal...

    Ok, I'm about to go pick up my new to me 2007 Wake Pro and with 32 hours on it and will be replacing the SC washers before it ever sees the water again. Is my 2007 equipped with an external torx mounting bolt that needs the special tool? I've seen somewhere that some years/models do not use the external torx bolt and I want to have the proper tool on its way asap so I can start to enjoy this machine.

    Thanks in advance for answering this likely beaten to death question without telling me to use the search function. lol

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    Yes you need Torx female sockets for your SC and male sockets for other parts on the ski.

    A 12 point 1/4" wrench is commonly used to remove the rear bolt that is a real PITA to get access to! PATIENCE!!!!

    A lot of guys replace the rear bolt with a HEX head SS bolt from any good hardware store.

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