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Thread: head gasket ?

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    head gasket ?

    2007 rxt , ive researched this possible problem on past threads but would I like you guys input please. after this weekend ride I have lost an inch in level in the coolant bottle, all 3 plugs have slight trace of rust colour on the bottom threads,i have shaken the coolant bottle and there are traces of tiny black speckles, not lumps and no milky oil on the dipstick

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    Yes, most likely your head gasket is slightly blown! Replace it with a oem gasket and make sure your head is straight.. did it ever overheated? if so I would also get the block check out.

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    Read this thread, post #54 has all the part numbers required.

    My parts just showed up today and I will doing this myself very soon.

    The black pepper specks is the head gasket material in the coolant bottle. I have the exact same issues as you.

    Tommygunner lays it all out in this nice how to thread.

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    My engine overheated and I'm confident the head gasket blew. The front of the block had all the paint blistered off and corrosion started. Right above the head gasket the head looked fine. But beware it may have warped.

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    I wasn't aware of over heating but will get the necessary checks done,as a matter of interest would it not overheat all the time after the gasket had gone ? Thanks for info and the links.

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    ARp stods is way to go guys ..i got my at 100 with no problem for last 4 year i have never got a bad head gasket.. 35 pd boost+ nos 100 shot + 10000 rpm + 9.5 problem..

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    ^--- you got a log showing 10k + the secondary fuel kick in for the 100 shot and 35psi?

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