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    Help with 2004 GTX SC cavitation

    Last year I bought a 2004 GTX SC with 90 hrs on it. Had a new wear ring and impellar.
    I have cavitation problems when pulling a tube, with 2 adults and even just one rider during hard acceleration.
    I thought it was the carbon ring so I had it replaced.
    No improvement.
    I brought it back and dealer has no good answers, only speculation.
    Maybe shaft is too pitted, maybe tunnel is not smooth enough.
    So I spent enough money for no results and now I want to get opinions.
    I have smoothed the shaft down considerably and patched the worst chips and pits in the gelcoat.

    I still have no improvments, what else could it be?

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    So I have decided to replace the impeller and wear ring.
    I'm not sure what else to do.

    Do I need a tool remove the impeller or can I do it a different way.

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    Does it have a plastic pump ?

    The early 4 Tecs had plastic pumps that would warp and twist under load causing the impeller to chew up the wear ring. The best fix was to get a newer metal pump. To remove the impeller you need an impeller tool, a 12mm allen socket and a vise.

    This is the impeller tool needed, FYI the 185hp tool is different from the 215hp and up tool.

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    I just checked and the pump housing is aluminium.
    How much space is between impeller and ring? mine has barely a paper thickness. I think that the ring is good.

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