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    Ten Hour Break In

    Got my remanned engine back in my RXTX and it runs well. BUT, at nine hours I was running it WOT and it stalled and I got an "ENGINE" reading on the dash. It fired right back up and I was good to go. My question: Does the dealer flash the ECU for a ten hour break in on a remanned engine and it shut down because the ECU was protecting the engine?

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    doubt it
    did you read the code yet

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    Quote Originally Posted by skidoochris View Post
    doubt it
    did you read the code yet
    That's the odd thing. No code. Just "ENGINE."

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    We can not flash the ecu...It is up to you to "break-in" thee right way on a rebuild....

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    Plug in the key. Power up the dash, don't start the ski. Scroll through the menu, until you see "fault code". Use the up, down button to bring up the last code.

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    i reset all the history with every rebuild

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