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    2008 rxp-x 255 word oil on then out

    Hi got a 2008rxp-x was out the last 2 day and I had a full oil on the stick and. Today oil word came on. I look at it when I got out of the water and it was at a 1/4. Is she burning it. Do You think i did something to her or is the oil there to warn me. To add some , is the a oil saying even on the rxp-x. 2008. Modal. Or I'm I seeing thinks

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    Also she was taking a big lost of power and rpm for 2 seconds then normal

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    Oil light comes on when there is a loss of oil pressure. not because it is just low on oil but because there is hardly any oil in it. if the level is still between the marks on the dipstick, then that shouldn't be low enough to lose oil pressure. the switch that tells the computer that you have low oil pressure goes bad very often so its possible its just the switch but if you say you're losing oil then that's also a problem. check the bottom of the bilge see if there is oil in there. best way to verify your oil pressure would be to hook a gauge up and drive around while watching the gauge

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    What kind of gauge.

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    Can I put some in and see if it comes back

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    Ok I see the gauge in the book I will put some in and try that

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    oil pressure gauge. you can get a cheap one at the part store. it goes in the plug on the back of the cylinder head

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    Cool. Been trying to get out to see if it was just low oil. But the wind was crazy. This evening. But I will be buying a oil gauge from here. Be good to have

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    I've seen oil pressure sensors just mess up for no reason also. Not saying that's your issue but they've been known to just crap out.

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    I was out today and I put in about a 1/4 of a liter and she was great. Read the manual and it says that she will use abet of oil and to keep checking it and add when needed. There is no oil in the hull so my not been able to sleep is over. Thanks again guys.

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