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    Water sitting on top of valves on RXT - how would water get into the gas tank?

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    I took my intake manifold off to diagnose a rough running condition, and i have water sitting on top of a valve, and rust rings around the edges of the tops of all the valves.
    obviously water is getting into the intake somehow and causing the rough running condition.

    ive tested the intercooler for leaks and found nothing. there was no water in the bottom of the intake manifold.
    ive run the ski out of the water and it still runs rough, even with no water hose connected.
    only option left is that water is in the bottom of the gas tank and is being injected by the fuel injectors?
    the ski runs rough for the first few miles and runs fine if i use it frequently. problem repeats a few weeks later after ski has sat for a while. that would be consistent with water being in the bottom of the gas tank.
    but how is this possible? i fill up at the same station as i do my car and other skis, and this ski is the only one with that problem.
    if tank isnt sealed properly could condensation be building up?

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