You may not know this, but the OEMs have a really tough job of 1) producing the best products their engineers can develop and 2) keep the product costs low enough that they can afford to build them in mass and sell them to the public. It’s not as easy as we presume it is, and often give the manufacturers too much grief when all they’re trying to do is keep costs down.

One such example is on the stellar SVHO and SHO Yamaha engines. Unbeknownst to most, these big inch bruiser engines (including the naturally-aspirated 1.8L HO engines) employ a plastic fuel rail that feeds the fuel injectors. It’s made of lightweight, durable plastic and does the job. But when you’re looking at increasing fuel delivery to satisfy the needs of a tuned supercharged or turbocharged engine, the plastic piece just ain’t gonna cut it.

That’s why the go-fast gurus at RIVA Racing have developed this stellar Yamaha 1.8L Billet Fuel Rail. Not only does it move more fuel quicker (especially while using RIVA’s Pro Series Fuel Injectors), but it also is a direct replacement for the factory part. Carved from 6061 billet and anodized black, this piece is as good looking as it is effective.

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