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    Financing Seadoo boat, having a problem

    I contacted my local credit union for a boat loan which I was originally quoted at 4.99% for 84 months, but now things have changed. They say that they have to be able to identify the boat, motor, and trailer for the loan. I have no problem identifying the boat and trailer, but I can not find out how to identity the motor for them. I told them a SeaDoo 4tec 215 but they couldnt find it. So now they are wanting to make me do a collateral loan like they do for PWC at over 6% for like 60 months!! How can I identify the motor for them? Or do I possibly need to look at another credit union??

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    Not to play the devils advocate but who in their right mind would finance a toy for 7 years?

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    What does 'identify the motor' actually mean?

    Are they looking for the equivalent of an inboard boat engine? (Which the SeaDoo boat is, essentially)

    Engine serial number, or manufacturer's engine model code?

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    Yes I think that is what they are looking for, but i'm not sure.

    It so that they can put a lien on the motor just like on outboards, as well as the trailer and boat.
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    Just got this email:
    The year, manufacturer and/or model # along with the serial number

    So can anyone help me find this information. Idk if the motor is going be considered manufactured by BRP or Rotax? Now have to find the model number and serial number on boat.
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    Have whoever is selling it to look on the engine I believe by the oil fill neck and either read or take a pic of the plate. All the info is on that plate.

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    Anyone else have this problem

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    Well I called them again this morning with the serial number, but Rotax, Bombardier, or BRP is not on their list as a motor or engine manufacturer. I'm like OMG!! It is a dang boat, I do not understand why they are telling me I have to finance it like a PWC where my interest rate goes up 2%. If someone is around their boat with the rotax in it, can you please tell me the exact name it states as the manufacturer on the engine identification place. The couple that own the boat are older and all they sent me was a picture of the certificate of origin and the only thing is has on it relating to the engine is the serial number, number of cylinders, and CC's.

    Called and talked to another woman there and gotten everything taken care of. They were trying to consider it an outboard instead of an inboard. Hopefully will be having my challenger in a couple of days
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