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    Coolant flush question

    I need to replace the coolant on my 05 RXT. How much would I expect to come out so I know how much should be added??

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    5.8 quarts

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    If you're changing it because it's contaminated you might want to flush the system with distilled water a few times first. I did this at the beginning of the season because I wanted to change coolant type.

    i first drained the system. Filled with D water. Rode. Let cool. Drained. Rode. Emptied. Several times. Each time the water remained green, albeit a lighter shade. It took maybe 6 complete flush throughs to clear it.

    i must be something to do with the water in the engine jacket and the thermostat being open/closed.

    Nice to know all the old stuff is out though.

    remember you need an aluminium safe coolant and I mixed 50/50 with distilled water (regular tap water can cause contaminants to build up over time).

    my coolant is a fancy long life, high efficiency coolant. Hoping that it will last me out for as long as I own the ski!

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    how often do you guys change your coolant?

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    Since it's aluminum I'd never consider anything except zerex. That's my personal preference though. Owners manual will give you intervals

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    So when draining fluid I was going to access the water pump port that runs to coolant tank. I haven't started engine this year yet, should I warm it up first to get every thing hot?

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