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Thread: painting skis?

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    painting skis?

    2 part question...there is a ski i'm interested in, mechanically very sound and engine and compartment are spotless...the hull on the other hand looks a little rougher....I'm just curious, if I was to buy ski and couldn't handle the bumps and bruises, how big of a deal is it to have hull painted? any idea ball park cost?
    2nd part...I recently picked up a ski that the previous owner thought rinsing the engine with fresh water was a no-no...saltwater it built up in places and actually got under a fair amount of paint which has peeled off engine...I have since rinsed well with saltaway and liberally lubed with xps and do both regularly...not aweful but the missing paint bothers me, I'm sure it wouldn't be worth it, but has anyone ever had an engine painted? the ski is in otherwise great shape with very low hours...any idea of cost to have engine painted which I guess would have to include engine removal? Thanks!!....both are '09's

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    Forget about painting the engine. Nightmare. As far as the hull, A good paint job includes removing all plastic, hood, etc. to get it done well. Filling nicks, scuffing prime, wet sand, paint and clear should be around $800 to $1000 from a good shop.

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    thanks for reply CD, was pretty much thinking along those lines, guess I just needed to hear from someone else!

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    Look in the build threads. I painted my ski. Tons of pics

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    Read my paint sticky in the polaris general discussion area. I cover gelcoat and paint. Cost depends on size, whats painted, whats removed, wetsanded or not, mettalics are more, red costs more , gelcoat or paint?. Just depends.

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