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    I am selling a NEW FRESH SXR 800 Kawasaki Engine.

    I've had it listed for $2700.oo

    It's a FRESH BUILD -------- > $2350.oo takes it home.

    It is LOADED !!!
    This engine will drop right into a Kawasaki SXR, X2, GEN2 X2, SC, Jet-Mate, SS, SXi, SXi Pro.
    It will drop into most any Kawasaki Hull that has had a twin cylinder in it.

    Here is a list of items in the engine.

    Kawasaki 800 (83mm)

    ADA HEAD New Domes (New 32cc Domes / Pump Gas)
    TBM Light Weight Flywheel (Total Loss)
    V-FORCE Reeds
    Tau Ceti Flame Arrestors
    Flame Arrestor Adaptors
    Throttle Cable Wheel
    New OEM Crank
    New OEM Seals
    New Top-End

    OEM Carbs.
    OEM Starter.
    OEM coupler.
    OEM Exhaust if you want it.
    OEM Electrical if you want it.

    [email protected]

    I've had it listed for $2700.oo

    It's a FRESH BUILD -------- > $2350.oo takes it home.
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    Additional Info:
    The craft I bought that had this engine in it came to me in pieces.
    The Exhaust is for the SXR 800 engine but i'm 99% sure it has never even been bolted up to THIS particular engine.
    The exhaust that WAS in the hull before I bought it was a Factory Pipe. The kid needed quick pocket change so he sold the pipe off on ebay.
    The craft ALSO had an ADVENT ignition in it before It was sold to me.
    When I bought the craft, I was mostly after the hull for another SXR 1200 build.
    There was a Ebox and an OEM breadbox exhaust laying in the tray of the craft. I new that those items had NEVER been installed into this craft.
    The Ebox is an EARLY style box, and there were NO OEM Exhaust studs on the cylinder.(Factory Pipe )

    With all that said, I am selling the ENGINE and IF the purchaser wants any of the other item, Exhaust and the Ignition you can have it.
    I don't use or need these items for the triple cylinders I install in the SXR hulls.

    Remember This engine HAS a Light Weight Total Loss FlyWheel in it. There is NO stator installed in this engine. It ONLY has the Pick-Up Coil installed to tell an ignition when to fire.
    An ignition 2004 and newer will work with this flywheel set up.

    Far as putting this 800 engine into an X2 with a chamber...
    You can use the X2 Chamber with a 650 OEM manifold but after market 650 manifold would be best. (factory pipe 650 manifold)
    Stock oem 650 chamber will work but a Factory Pipe or other after market chamber will be better.

    Remember, I'm selling the engine. All that extra stuff can be had and sent with or I'll pitch it to the shelf for now.

    Summer Time is come'n at us, gett'em built and gett'em IN THE WATER !!!! BRAAAPPPP BRAAAPPPPPPPPP !!!!!!!!!!

    Shipping Box is going to be 20"x20"x20 foam filled around the engine.
    Engine alone weight is 71lbs. Figure at least another 5 to 6 lbs for the box and foam.

    I've gotten a lot of questions on the ignition an pip/chamber combo's so I thought I'd just put all this info out there.

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