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Thread: 2010-2011 rxp-x

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    2010-2011 rxp-x

    Were the red and black 2010 and 2011 rxp-x skis very limited in production? I've been trying to find one and can't find one anywhere except one in Tampa. Trying to find one a little closer.

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    I think newer skis are harder to find, at least around here

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    I'm not sure what the sales numbers were like back then but when they came out the economy was horrible. 15K luxury items weren't selling very well in any market in the US. Maybe that has something to do with it and maybe not.

    Plus a lot of people that bought in 2010-2011 probably still have a warranty on it and is one of the reasons they haven't sold yet. I think in the next year you'll see more available.

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