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    Powervalves Removed?? Opinions...

    I tore down one of my skiis last night...xlt800...and first off i wanted to say how dissapointed I am in yamaha engineering I am on this one! I should have just yanked the freaking motor out, would of made it a ton easier...

    What i found was both powervalve heads missing! The faulty clips and the broken tops were still in there!! dumbasses. There was a slight knick on one of the pistons, and it appears that they installed new rings and ran it. What i dont understand is why they left the top of the powervalves intact and pulled the rest out? again, dumbasses. And secondly, if i were to replace the valves i would do it right and spend the big bucks...and i dont really have the money right now to do that. Anyone run that 800 without the valves? Ive had srx's and sxr's over the years, so i have an idea of the performance difference, but no experience with this 800 twin.

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    will run like crap.

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    yea the 800 is alot of fun pulling apart
    1200 is alot easier to get to the PV due to difference in exhaust
    you can buy replacement valves for $60
    yea they arent billet but are better than the first version OEMs

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    Where you finding these valves for $60?

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    Ill have to look thru some suff
    seems like it was SBT but I see those are 100 ea as per their site

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