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    07 RXP will not idle and won't run wot.

    Hello to all. I am brand new to this site but I need help. I have a 07 RXP 215. I have had it for a year with no issues. I put it in the water the other day and it idled perfect at first. It then started idling rough while still in the no wake. I thought bad gas, so went out. It would only run 55mph and was not accelerating like it should. I died and would not restart.
    I changed all spark plugs, which were black as coal, and found a bad coil. I changed all three coils. It started and idled on land. When I put it in the water, it still would not idle. would not run right and 55mph was tops.
    I also noticed that the fuel gauge quit working at the same time. The computer was scanned and the fuel rail and injectors and fuel pressure checked. All is good.
    No load noises or obvious sounds.
    Help please.

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    How was it stored? Was it flushed properly? Could be a leaking IC...

    Where are you located?

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    Maybe. I am in southern Ohio and it was stored outside. I did notice a little water in the hull. I took it out again and it melted two of the three coils again. Plugs are still back as coal. I was gonna take it to a dealer, with vaseline. I do not know a whole lot about them.

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    How do you flush properly? All I did was blow it out.

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    What was your max RPM's?
    How many hours on the SC ? since last time rebuilt?

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    Sounds like bad gas.

    But that wouldn't melt coils.

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    He said the sc was rebuilt, but idk the hours on it. The rpms were 6200 I think. I also noticed the fuel gauge quit working at the same time. I wouldnt think that would matter. Like I said, the fuel pressure was good.

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    I also have a 215 RXT, so I can swap parts. As far as winter goes, it still runs perfect.

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