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    WTB 04-05 rxp ecu for 215

    I'm looking for a stock 04or 05 ecu.
    I'm running a 04 rxp with x charger and fizzle cooler and 42lb injectors.
    Had a les cook tune of 8650. boat ran great at 8650.77.4 mph [for 4 years] no problems
    I bought a buds system and updated my ecu. It reset my ecu back to stock.
    Bought a vetch tuning kit maptuner, datalogger afr . Boat runs close to stock no matter what tune I place on it.
    I number of guys have suggested that les cook changes something in the programing that just doesn't work with the v tech tune
    SO I need a stock ecu to test this idea.

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    I have one. PM me with an offer.

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    I have one $350 shipped.

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