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    What is your experience with SBT engines?

    From the limited research I have done I get the impression that they are good engines for the most part. I have a 2002 GTX DI that has a seized engine. I have heard that at times SBT engines have slightly lower compression than a stock engine to minimize the chances of a warranty claim. I don't plan to beat on the ski. Just want to have one for my wife to ride so I can get her to ride with me and I may use it to pull my kids on the tube a little to keep from putting too many hours on my other ski.

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    .....not another one of these threads.

    listenup..use the search, you'll find 342,123 messages on SBT debates

    btw, the cost of that engine will exceeed(sic) the book value of the ski.

    man up and get her a spark..well worth it(wink)

    if the engine cases are not cracked, you can get some pretty good money parting it out.

    The injection parts carry a pretty high pricetag. Do a quick ebay search to see what they want for stuff like injectors for example.

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    I use to work at a jetski shop and would only put the sbt engines in our cutomers. We build our own skis. They are good motors, but it is probably cheaper to fix that motor or build another.

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    I had an sbt in a 96 xp I just sold. Had perfect 150 PSI, and I personally put about 30 hours on it with no issues. I think theyre worth it.

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    I have an SBT motor in one of my skis. Runs good. No problems as of yet.

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    I'm running an SBT 787. Perfect compression and meets the specs of an OEM 787

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    Quote Originally Posted by ACA1996XP View Post
    I'm running an SBT 787. Perfect compression and meets the specs of an OEM 787
    wat up,i purchased a sbt 787 basket motor(all apart) for a $100. put it together and have beat the crap out of it for 15 hrs now.160# comp. in each issues at all.i like the fact they use snap rings at the wrist pins.i have heard of them using chinese crank bearings and they don't match the cylinders to the cases very well

    96 xp,factory 2 pipe
    prok fly arrestors
    carbs jetted
    water injection
    solas prop

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    Just bought a 717 Engine from SBT for a GTI...... Old engine worn out..

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