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    SUV Lovers, please reply!

    Hey All, I dont know anything at all about the suvs but think they're pretty cool....I know of one for sale for 800 but the owner says it needs a flywheel...When I go to see it, the front cover is off the engine, no plugs in it and has been sitting this way for years..reggy sticker from '04...I'm going to assume the engine is shot? I'd love to get this going, not sure if I should do a rebuild, just put in a new 2 stroke or pay to have a 4 stroker put many ways to go...the hull, seat and everything seem to be in pretty good shape, did have a broken mirror...Is this a no brainer? should I buy asap? if I do, what do you suggest for power? I know its hard to say without seeing engine, etc...but??? I appreciate all replies! Thanks!
    edited to add, if it matters, its a '99
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    C'mon guys....should I buy this this or wait for better deal?

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    i picked up one few weeks back for 650 with a blown motor... 65u are pretty basic to repair... easy fix. a good long block is about 600 bucks... full running ski sells for about 3500 bucks.. do the math see it its work the work and head ache for you.

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    thanks bystrov, I'm leaning towards picking this thing up...figuring I cant get hurt if it doesn't work out by may regret if I dont act....thanks!

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    A guy down the road from me sold a cherry 04 SUV for $500 with a blown motor. Hate I missed it.

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