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    Thumbs up Msx 150. Am I supposed to see the wast gate open when reved on trailer????

    The Jetske won't go over 27 mph. Cleaned the map sensors I have good compression. It wouldn't boost more then half. So I found frozen wast gate. Took it back out after unseizing and same thing. It revs hi on trailer after resetting the battery bun while on trailer and rev hi the boost gauge showed full bars but didn't see the wast gate moving. Is it supposed to move while revd hi.?

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    The boost "gauge" on the display is NOT a true boost gauge... it's more an indicator of RPMs... since boost levels rise with RPMs in stock ECU programming.

    Are you getting a check engine or any error or continuous red flashing light (after the normal 10 flashes at startup)? What RPM are you limited to?

    When the ski is on the trailer... there is hardly any load on the engine... that's why it will rev sky high. I don't know about seeing the wastegate move while reving sky high on the trailer... cause I don't do that. But when in the water... yes you can see the wastegate open and close as you get on/off the throttle.

    You could be having problems with your wastegate solenoid. Do you have the new/updated style that hangs on a metal bracket on two valve cover bolts over top the exhaust turbo manifold? Or the original, prone-to-fail one that's mounted to the front side of the turbo compressor?


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    Unless the engine is under load you will not get any real boost, the engine will rev too fast for any pressure.

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