Hi all this us my first post here on the hulk. I picked up a 95 sl 650 std out of a junk yard for free. I took it for a ride it ran great but impeller was badly damaged thus affecting performance. So I figured while I was waiting for a new impeller I would go threw the hole boat. This is my first pwc but I am well versed in sleds so nothin on this ski scares me. There's a lot of similarities while going threw the carbs I could the high jet to be set differently on all three carbs. I have found two different setting one was 1 5/8m 1/4c 1 1/8p then I could another set of settings 1 1/8m 1/4c 7/8p can someone tell me witch is rite?i also find it odd that the high jet settings are different. Also I am looking at getting another ski guy says it's a 97 slx In my research it looks like in 97 the only made a slx pro did they make a non pro in 97? It has the red seat with slx writing just under the seat with the blue side fins. Thanks for the help guys