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    Angry 780 slt blue motor. Keeps killing batteries, now won't start

    Hello, new to the site and determined to fix this. Bought two jet-skis and the 96 polaris xls 780 blue engine one has issues. Friend says it was in the water in August and would keep killing batteries. Trickle charge and new batteries started it but ultimately battery will die. Now it's spring and mine and I can't even get it started. No noise, no turn, no click, no nothing. Been reading on the topic all day. Where do I start to get it started again and then where do I look to fix the battery killing issue. Could both be related to electrical box.? I haven't opened it yet. How about the strator. That appears to be a possibility for the battery killing issue. What do I check to get her started and at least trying to turn over and once I get there what about the battery issue. Strator and electrical box or somewhere else...
    Any bullet points on where to start are appreciated soo much.
    thank you
    determined inMichigan

    ps. A local shop said compression was good but then said there was a recall on electrical components and said replacement strator kit was $650.. They couldn't get it to try n start either and as I owed them $200 for labor already and had no answers that I liked, I presumed them incompetent

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    Ok battery killing would start by taking fuse out of mfd. could be other things but would try that first. If you have not check all connections on battery ect starting with grounds. It should at least turn over with jump. After checking all connections try to test to see if you getting voltage to stater relay and chase voltage out of switch to starter to see how far it's getting. Make sure kill lanyard is in while testing. It could also be in switch ect. Let us know if anywhere is getting voltage and where it stops if it does

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    It will take some methodical diagnostics to determine exactly what is going on.

    Certainly you need to get the electrical box opened up. Check for corrosion or water inside. It should look like new inside.

    Disconnect the battery before you start working on the electrical box. Reconnect battery only for testing, as needed. Do not allow the shell of the electrical box to touch the battery posts. There should be a plastic battery cover. Make sure you install it before putting the electrical box in place.

    My initial guess is that the LR voltage regulator module has gone bad and is draining the battery. This module is also responsible for battery charging when engine is running.

    If the MFD display is working properly and does not have water inside then it is probably not affecting the battery.

    After inspecting inside the electrical box, if still no engine crank when Start button is pressed then step by step follow the electrical flow. Remove and clean both ends of both battery cables. Also the starter motor cable. The engine end of the battery cable needs to have clean metal to metal contact.

    Let us know what you find and we can go from there.

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