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    1100 Raider Rebuild

    I figured I would show off my 96' Raider rebuild since the older skies don't get as much love any more... I am new to this forum and new to jet ski's for that matter. I bought my raider about 8 years ago, it had 75 hours on the digital speedo, and looked like it had not been driven very much at all. I had it less than a year and took it to a family reunion on Lake Jocassee and let the whole family ride it and that turned out to be a mistake. My cousins ran it out of oil and I am sure you guys know the rest. However, when they towed it in from where it died they did not disconnect the water hose and it flooded the motor. Well I did not know any better either and let it set for 7 years with water in the motor. It was ruined, crank severely rusted along with everything else. So I sent the motor to SBT got the two year warranty, just installed myself, which I have no mechanical skills what so ever. (Was a whole lot easier than I thought) and back up and running better than ever. I will list the little upgrades I have done...I want and will do more, I just wanted to get it running first and foremost now I want to concentrate on the upgrades. any suggestions will be appreciated. I have more pictures of the ext. I will post later once I get done with some of the cosmetic upgrades.

    SBT Motor
    New Drive Seal
    90% New Hoses ( Gas Lines all new Including tank lines)
    V-Force reed assembly
    JRE Manifold Reed Spacer R
    Riva Flame Arrestors
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    Nice looking raider! I have a 96 with the 760. I love mine. Rebuilt the motor this spring. I'd suggest an extended nozzle, and an R&D ride plate. Makes it stick to the water, and handle much better. Just got my aqua vein grate today, gonna try it tomorrow. What handlebars do you have on yours? I would like to change mine to something like you have on yours. Looks good! A hydroturf splash guard will make the ride a little drier.

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    Thank you...ride plate & grate to come for sure. And now that I am riding more salt than fresh....splash has become a must also. My handle bars are from blowsion with Troy lee designs grips. I will post a picture later of the mod I had to do to the QTS system to make it work.

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    How did the process with SBT work? Did they rebuild yours?

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    Wow thats a clean Raider! I would definately convert it to premix for piece of mind, i think sbt makes the block off plate.

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    Wow, that is a clean ski... I want one like that now.. lol

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