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    00 1200R Drops cylinder 3 after warming up

    Hi guys, new to the forum. Have a 00 GP1200R with 80 hours on it.

    Machine sat since 2005, last fall I bought used carbs, rebuilt them, jetted, did riva s3 exhaust and riva individual filters.
    Still has oil injection, accel pump disabled, jet caps drilled out, resistor installed.

    I had been battling blowing hoses off and losing the exhaust couplers (due to incomplete kit and lack of good instructions)
    Had full power, ran great. Got that all settled, now I have a new problem.

    Put the ski in the water, hop on it, get it planed off, runs ABSOLUTELY PERFECT, full power, high 60s mph, then after a minute or 2, cylinder 3 just stops working. I can be at 65 mph at 3/4 throttle, dont hit any waves, dont do anything, and it just loses power and slows down, like you turned that cylinder off.

    Pull the plugs, cylinder 3 plug is wet, one and 2 are dry and yellow.

    It did this to me 3 separate times already. Took it out of the water. Checked spark, it has spark. Checked compression, its fine. Pulled the #3 carb off, looked to have sand?? in the filter screen behind the pump (brand new has maybe 2 hours on it since I did the carbs). Cleaned the debris out, went back in the water. Did the same damn thing again. Ran mint, then just dropped cylinder 3 out of nowhere.

    Could this be a CDI/pickup issue? Is there any kind of limp mode that could do this?

    I'm basically out of ideas, and I'm getting very frustrated pulling the carbs again and again.

    Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    How old is the fuel? How long does the ski sit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TX21 View Post
    How old is the fuel? How long does the ski sit?
    Had almost no fuel in it. Filled it full with a bottle of drygas. It sat for about 7 years.

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    you've got crap in the system, go thru it with great care and replace the fuel lines if you haven't.

    to check, put a clear nylon mesh filter(NOT paper) in your return line, see what comes out after you idle it for a few minutes. the sandy looking stuff could be stuff coating the insides of the fuel lines coming off due to ethanol in the fuel.

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    Yup crap in there somewhere. Go through the carbs really good clean/replace lines. No idea what dry fuel is but the marine grade stabil works great for me. I feel your pain been there done that it sucks.

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