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    2013 Ultra 300X pricing

    Hey Guys,

    I'm close to pulling the trigger on a new ski, I've been debating between a new 300X or FX SHO. I'm trying to get the best deal I can with a trailer, so far the best price I got from a local dealer was $13,537 OTD with a trailer included and the basic 1 year warranty. Is this a good price or should I keep looking???

    What do you guys think, this is their pricing breakout:

    2013 Kawasaki Ultra 300 x
    Comes with 1 year warranty but you can make it a full 5 year unlimited hour
    warranty for $976
    MSRP $14999
    Sale Price $11,000
    Out the door $12,746.20 without trailer
    Out the door with trailer $13,537.14

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    In the same boat. I'm located in south fl though.

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    Fair price, maybe not am awesome price, but fair. Is this the 13.5 model?

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    Is there a way to tell from the vin if it's a 2013.5 model?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pbc View Post
    Is there a way to tell from the vin if it's a 2013.5 model?
    I was wondering the same thing.

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    There is a way with VIN and visual.
    Check for the triangle catch can and pin in the exhaust.
    As for the VIN, i kind of forgot.

    But get the 2013.0 if you go a lot in rough/racing. So you don't get the traction control like the 310X.

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