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    oil level in the 310 x

    who knows how to properly monitor the oil level in the 310 x

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    I have the 300 ,I check my oil when the skis cold,put a torpedo level on the brown valve cover,raise or lower the trailer slightly with a piece of wood or gravel to make ski level for proper measurement.

    I keep my oil level at cold normal/low ,less Blow by

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    Quote Originally Posted by ANTONYUK View Post
    who knows isow to properly monitor the oil level in the 310 x
    As per manual or

    Start ski , run 5 secs, turn off
    Check dip level.....ensure engine Is level,
    Dip stip 3 times to ensure correct average

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    I still check my 300 cold over a few days. Each oil change takes exactly 5ltrs

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    Bough a 2011 , Mine was cold at very bottom , same after 10 second start up, Tok one full quart to get to lower bottom, Will run this weekend to see if in water if levels at mid mark if not will ad another third of quarter to increase level a little...., Was surprise it was so low, but its a used one and the previous owner change the oil, I corroborated the change with mechanic but not sure why is low. Will know after next change schedule after my 10hrs of riding....(Oil looks clean although)

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