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    Question parts question for 2000 GP800

    I have a 2000 Yamaha GP800 pwc that needs work. curious what everyone recommends or advises on what to buy to make it reliable. the problem is the rear cylinder on the engine the cylinder wall is gouged and the piston is knicked up. along with the power valve being chipped aswell. I'm thinking the valve broke loose and hit the piston and caused the damage.

    i was was reading through the forum and couldn't really find a solid answer to my questions. SBT offers a top end kit with cylinders which I'm guessing are sleeved over the nikasil OEM. are these any good? it comes with everything needed to replace both cylinders for $475

    or am I better off trying to source and OEM cylinder and piston? I've heard of millennium technologies and they offer rebuilt cylinders etc... rather spend more money now on quality parts then end up replacing this again when something fails because it wasn't very good

    SBT also offers a new power valve with a valve keeper for $99.95. are these any good? I've read about wave eater clips. I'm not sure which one is better than the other.

    I've also found a few companies that have parts

    SBT *anyone ever deal with them? they are cheaper than SBT*

    sorry for the newb questions, new to the whole pwc scene. was more into boats and just got into this due to friends

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    Hopefully this will be of some help, just my thoughts, but maybe someone else will chime in soon!

    An SBT top end with sleeves would work, most don't prefer SBT or sleeves for that matter, depends on what your budget is and how you'll use the ski. SBT isn't favored much, but you get mixed results as with anything, personal choice I'd say. Same with PWC Engine, I'd assume.

    Look in the classifieds here to get a good used OEM cylinder from someone or Ebay. Get A used piston with new rings or complete new piston kit and a used power valve. Maybe new rings on the other while you're at it.

    I personally wouldn't mix sleeved with OEM. Most prefer OEM / replate.

    IF you don't already have the wave eater clips or the lever links, get them!!

    I'd yank it out, no matter how you repair, a whole top end or just the one. You need to make sure all the debris is cleaned out of the bottom half / crank. I'd clean it all up. Clean carbs ( rebuild if needed - OEM parts ) Pressure test it too.

    Everyone prefers OEM parts, gaskets, etc.

    Good luck!

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    yeah I plan on yanking it apart and cleaning everything. I went ahead and ordered SBT parts, was talking to a buddy who works at a shop and said he hasn't seen anything bad happen from using SBT parts as he's replaced and repaired engines using their parts. but lever links/wave eater clips are being used for sure. I don't need anything stupid fast or to pull a skier/tube that's what I have the boat for.

    im in also going to be blocking off the oil pump and just running premix. I've read to run 32:1 in the first tank to break in but haven't seen what to run after that. I'm guessing 32:1 also and from after the 2 tanks of break in run 40:1 gas mix. I plan on using premium gas in my area which is 93oct so that should be good what does everyone recommend for oil? I've read most people use Amsoil? because yamalube doesn't really burn clean and gunks up everything.

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    nvm actually decided to cancel my order with SBT and I will be going with Millennium Technologies after talking on the phone with them about how my motor is currently. will be more money upfront but rather have a quality piece I won't have to replace due to abuse when on the water. I'll be getting the one cylinder fixed and replated and the other one looked over and replated if it needs it along with new pro x piston kits.

    would it it be a good idea to get the top end bearing also and replace that?

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    I have used the SBT stuff, and have not had any problems. The thing about nikasil, and correct me if I am wrong, but it seems like people are not getting any more run time from nikasil than steel sleeves. There are plenty of motors that have several hundred hours on them, with no nikasil coating. Is nikasil better? Maybe. Is it more expensive? Very much so. Also, you have to have a diamond hone to hone it. The advantage with steel sleeves is any competent machine shop can bore/work on a significantly LOWER expense. Just my two cents. And, if you have a motor failure, you can have it bored oversize for a small expense.

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    okay i got all my parts back that were sent out to Millennium Technologies along with two new Pro-X Piston kits. also ordered new Yamaha gaskets for the cylinder head and cylinder bases along with carb/intake gaskets aswell as exhaust gaskets. bought wave eater clips for the powervalves. i have everything buttoned up pretty much and tomorrow i was going to do a pressure test. how does everyone block off the intake and the exhaust on the 2 cylinder motors? every thread I've read always shows the 1200s being tested.

    does anyone do jetworks/holeshot mod to the 800s or is that for 1200s?

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    Did you install new power valves?

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    pressure test same as 1200's. Cant do the jetworks mod ona n 800 without a special adapter which you cant get anymore. Make sure those base gasket were not installed backwards see people do that all the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wavedude View Post
    Did you install new power valves?
    yes new powervalve were installed with clips.

    Quote Originally Posted by scittb View Post
    pressure test same as 1200's. Cant do the jetworks mod ona n 800 without a special adapter which you cant get anymore. Make sure those base gasket were not installed backwards see people do that all the time.
    thats what i figured. and base gaskets were installed correctly. pressure tested motor at 8 psi and didn't drop pressure. so i believe it is good to go. had to make my own pressure gauge and adapters to block off the holes of the intake and exhaust, but seemed to work just fine.

    i will hopefully have it running by this weekend as long as my case (4 gallon jugs) of Klots R-50 2Stroke oil arrives so i can break her in

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