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    Rejet carbs on 785 Pro?

    Has anyone ever done this without pulling the carbs off? Just wondering just in case I need to. As the General is getting close to finnishing up. It looks possible, but removing them from the SL hull is going to be a real PITA.


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    i've always wanted to try i with an angle screwdriver but never did, if anyone has a tool to do it Randy will have one .

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    i did it but i do not recommend. what i did was use a 1/4 ratcheting wrench that is for screw tips. i used a flat head and it worked fine until i took it out on the water. after my first pass motor would not run. i went up in jet size so i was not worried about running lean. pulled plugs back two were perfect mag had a hole. after fixing motor i pulled the carbs apart. i chip the brass jet and it lodge in the jet and leaned out the carb.
    well what i thought was saving time cost me alot more money and time.
    that is why i switched to rifle bores much easer to change jets. your trim motor was sent.

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