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    Should I buy a 2013 RXT, Buy Used, or Wait for Next Gen?

    Hey Guys,

    So I've pretty much narrowed my search down to the Sea-Doo RXT/-X 260. I like the idea of the iControl for safety and maneuverability and the stability of the S3 hull, extensive dealer support, plus I'm a Canadian

    I can get a demo 2013 RXT260 w/11 hours for $13,800 CDN (12,500 USD) or I can cross my fingers and hope someone puts a used one up for sale.

    *I know these skis have been in production for a few years so I'm wondering if anyone knows when a new model will come out?*

    Should I look for a good used ski and save a few thousand or is it worth it to get a new one with warranty?

    I can do my own maintenance.


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    I prefer used skis because I don't believe in wasting my money. I made $2,500 in profit off of my last two skis and made a few hundred in profit on my first Kawasaki. $12,500 USD is high for a used 2013 RXT-X 260. You can get a brand new left over (with a warranty) at that price here in the US. Unfortunately right now is not the time to buy.

    There is no way of knowing what will come out next year. But if you always wait to see what will come out next year, you'll never buy a ski. It is a personal choice whether you want to pull the trigger now or wait, just like if you want to buy new or used.

    If you want the warranty and want to avoid some of the depreciation, see if you can find a left over ski at a dealership. Good luck!

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    Thanks, SCHNORR12.

    I guess my decision is based on the reliability of these new gen RXT-X. If they are reliable, I should get a used one and not worry about paying more for warranty. I might go look at a 2011 RXT-X with 30 hours w/trailer tomorrow. He's asking 12k but i'll offer him 10,500. Seems fair if it's in good shape. These are hard to find in Canada.

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    Both are reliable. But for $500 go for the 2013. You'll make that up on the extra resale value quiet easily. Warranty is always a good thing to have on these machines. Yes most are very reliable with little to no issues. But it nice to have the piece of mind if something like the supercharger blows out on you.

    No one really knows when the next new big thing is coming down the pipeline. Based on the past you'd think one of the next two years we may see something. I doubt it will be a hull change of any sorts. But we may see a more powerful version of the same engine.

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